New Release 14/02/24 - A Killing Thing

South London based musician and producer Sonskrif (a Cornish word for ‘sound-recording’) delivers a heavyweight, haunting version of the traditional Irish folk song ‘Oh Love It Is A Killing Thing’, featuring vocals by Manchester-born South Asian singer Madeeha Mubarak.
In a tough dubwise interpretation of the enduring folk original - a historic song with a chronology dating way back - Sonskrif shapes formidable minimalist electronics around a beautiful one-take vocal sung by Mubarak, producing a fierce, brooding work of bassled physicality and cathartic lyricism. Evoking a unique encounter between the melancholic roots music of Lankum and Shirley Collins, and the arresting mixing desk experimentation of Adrian Sherwood and Kevin Richard Martin aka The Bug, ‘A Killing Thing’ is described as a song “built for a sound system that will resonate with anyone who has dealt with love & loss”.